Early Adopters TeachersPD Membership

Included in the membership

  • 1 Year’s access to all courses on TeachersPD.net
  • Network with other teachers from around the world in our online forums and groups
  • Free access to our live webinars
  • Discounted access to face-to-face workshops
  • Support when you implement what you learn, AND
  • As an Early Adopter you will maintain this price for as long as you renew your access. 

All our Professional Development is NESA Registered!

Our Goal

TeachersPD provides high quality professional development. We aim to provide you with access to 50-hours of registered professional learning by the end of this year with a range of focus areas including:

Currently Available

  • Reflecting on practice – 3 hrs
  • Working for Learning (Applying the science of how students learn) – 6 hrs
  • Introduction to G-Suite for Education – 12.5 hrs
  • The Importance of Goal Setting 1.5 hrs
  • Engaging parents in learning 1 hr
  • Hyperdocs 5 hrs
Coming soon
  • Project Based Learning
  • Gifted and Talented
  • G-Suite for Education Training,
  • Flipped Learning,
  • Formative Assessment practices,
  • Deep Dive into Program/Unit Evaluation,
  • Book clubs (read a book together, discuss each chapter with other educators, and apply what you learn)
  • Classroom Observation Rounds

Doing Professional Learning differently

All teachers should be looking to improve their practice, but often face-to-face workshops and conferences can be expensive and time consuming. Too frequently I have left lessons for my casual teacher only to come back and find it not really done and having to clean up the mess and reteach the content anyway. Going to workshop and conferences meant I lost time with my classes, had MORE paperwork and in the end, I rarely applied what I learnt. 

ONLINE professional learning is the future. And TeachersPD is created to provide easily accessible quality professional development that does not end with a single face-to-face day. Each of our courses are social in nature, with forums and groups as well as comments sections on each lesson, where you can not only learn from the course, but learn from each other. What’s more, You have help available when you need it! When you start to adjust your practice all too often there is no-one there to help you. As a member of TeachersPD you have other teachers, including those who create and write the courses, to help you apply what you learn.

TeachersPD is created as a membership site in order to create a space where collaboration is encouraged and teachers from around the world can unite to grow as teachers and learners. TeachersPD is a registered NESA Professional Development provider, with all our courses providing NESA accredited hours. And if you are not a teacher in NSW Australia, each course completed comes with a certificate as evidence of the hours you have completed.

TeachersPD was officially launched early in 2019 and as more courses are developed those who join the movement early receive the full membership benefits at a reduced price. You can even keep this discounted price for as long as you renew your membership. This Membership normally costs $250.00 but for the early adopters, access is granted for just $150. That is a saving of $100 or 40%!!

We will create courses for you

As a TeachersPD member, you can submit requests for online courses that you are interested in and we will do the research and create a course for you.